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Nose Bleeds / Epistaxis


Nose bleeds or Epistaxis can be scary but it is very common in children. The bleeding is usually from the superficial thin blood vessels that are in the front part of the nose. The common causes of nose bleeds are dryness of the nasal lining, nose-picking, allergies, colds and injuries. Occasionally it can be caused by bleeding disorders or tumours.


When should I seek help for my child’s nose bleeds?


If the nose bleed is regular or has lasted more than a few weeks, a specialist should review your child.


What should I do when my child has a nose bleed?


When your child has a nose bleed, ask him to sit up, bend the head slightly forward and pinch the lower part of the nostrils for 5 – 10 minutes. Additionally, an ice pack applied to the face, nose or forehead while pinching the nose may shorten the duration of the bleeding.


What treatment is available for nose bleeds?


Your child should be advised against nose-picking to prevent injury to the thin nasal lining. You can also consider using a humidifier to reduce the drying effect o fthe air-conditioning. If your child has nasal allergies, it is important that this is also controlled.


The ENT surgeon will need to exclude the presence of any serious underlying medical conditions. In some cases, the ENT surgeon may cauterize (seal off) the prominent blood vessels.


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